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Professional Link Building Strategies – Acquiring Links

Link building is one of the most crucial parts of any search engine optimisation campaign. According to the new search engine algorithms, it is not the matter of only backward links but you need to have good quality and relevant backward links. Backward links can increase your PR and rankings in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).
Two essential types of links are:

  1. Reciprocated Links
  2. One Way Links

Reciprocated links are two ways links. Meaning you are directly exchanging links with other websites. In new search engine algorithms reciprocal links do not hold much weight age, because it is linking a voting system, ie ‘you vote for me and I vote for you’.
But on the other hand one way links are still playing an important role in increasing your PR and rankings. This is only a one way vote system. Anyone can get one way links from different sources, for example:

  1. Directory Submission
  2. Writing Articles
  3. Participating in Blogs
  4. Forums
  5. Press Releases

The easiest way to get one way links is to submit your website onto good quality directories which charge a fee. Free web directories with decent PR can also be found. But most of the time directories only help you to crawl your website and pass PR but it does not play any role in rankings. But by submitted appropriate articles you can get backward links from different pages which will ultimately help you to get rankings.
Link building is a slow process and the best thing is to get the links naturally. The best practise is to submit good quality content in your website that other users on the internet will link to you with. By adding content onto your website will attract the users and users will link to your website more easily, which will result in a backward link and some traffic generation as well.
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