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S E Electronics 2200A USB Mic

Video Transcript
Welcome to Pro Blog Tips video tutorials, my name is Jaron Fraser… I’m going to be your host this afternoon. What I’d like to do today is talk to you about the microphone that I’ve been using for my little video clips. Like this one that your looking at right now.

I’ll bring a slide up onto the screen firstly, just to show you the microphone that I’m talking about. I’ts the USB 2200A made by a Company called S. E. Electronics. I’ve found that this microphone gives me s result that I like when it comes to recording, I’ve tried a few other microphones…

And I’ve found that of all the microphones that I’ve tried out, the one that gave me the best result was the 2200A USB made by S.E. Electronics.

When I use this particular microphone on my computer, I plug it in using an XLR plug, and in order to be able to do that, I use a device made by CE Entrance called the Mic Port Pro. Its a little adapter that allows you to plug your microphone directly into the computer.

Se Electronics 2200a USB MicNormally plugging an XLR type microphone into a computer isnt possible, but you can do it if you use this little device called the CE Entrance Mic Port Pro.

What I’m going to do right now, is I’ll just cut back to me for one second so that you can check out the background that is behind me. As you can see, its not obviously not my office… it’s a little clip that’s been done by a product called Visual Communicator 3. Thats the name of the software that I’m using to create this little video clip. The product is made by a Company called Adobe.

I’ll bring up there slide and let you have a look at it as well. It’s called Adobe Visual Communicator 3, and its quit an excellent little Product, it allows you to create video clips just like this one that your looking at now.

When I’m doing the recordings, I usually use a Canon XH A1, thats the camera I like to use when I’m doing these recordings. And the lighting I use is all fluorescent. I’ll bring a softbox image up onto the screen for you just to have a look as well, and give you an idea of what it looks like as well.

The background that I normally like to use is this one, that your looking at right now. Thats the background that I normally put into the background of my video clips. What I’ll do right now, and this is just a test, I’m going to put a little “change background” clip up, then were going to drop a background into it, so you can just see what I mean. Then what I’m going to do is bring the camera up onto the screen.

So firstly weve changed over, and there we are… you can see the new background behind me. This is a pretty cool effect that you can do with this software, and its called again… Visual Communicator 3. I’ll bring there slide up for you once more for you to have a look at, made by a Company called Adobe, and it does a pretty good job.

Anyway were coming up to the end of this video clip now, so I’d just like to say good-bye. Thankyou for watching, have a good day, and we will speak again to you soon… bye for now!

Webmaster Note…
Have placed the video on the left, to try embeding Camtasia video on blog. The video clip is slightly different to the one that is displayed above. Have also inserted hotspot into video towards the end, to see if it works. Have never used hotspots in a video before, though I can see the advantage of using them… especially when selling products off your website.
The hotspot goes to a video website of mine… My Web Video Tutorials

As you can see it has worked. I have always liked the look of the Flash Player that comes with Camtasia Studio. There are a few other FLV players on the market that I also like, and they have Affiliate Programs, which makes them attractive to both use and promote. Will look into that more a bit further down the road. Still getting used to the idea of video… its still all a bit new to me. The mic that I mention in the video ( SE Electronics 2200A USB Mic ) is actually one of 9 different microphones I like to use. Will get around to reviewing some of the other mics over the next few weeks. They include…

Note : Placed the next video on page using Camtasia code, and found that it loads and plays pretty fast. Used mp4 at 70% quality for settings.

The SE Electronics 220A, Sennheiser ME67, Sennheiser Lapel Mic and Countryman Earset Mic are my favourites, depending on the circumstance at the time.

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