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Seven Low Cost Pay Per Search Engines Guaranteed to Jump Start Your Business

Like large companies, small business and home business
owners need to advertise. When it comes to advertising
dollars, small businesses don’t have the budgets of large
companies. They must be more careful about how and where
dollars are spent.

Because small businesses and home businesses typically
don’t have the budgets to hire search engine marketers to
optimize their websites for first page ranking, the best
way to get found on the internet is to use Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising is an online advertising format
that enables you to place your advertisements at or near
the top of search engines for your keywords based on the
amount you bid.

Google Adwords and Yahoo! Overture are the largest and
best known PPC search engines. To get your keywords placed
on the first pages of these first tier search engines costs
two, three, or many times more than getting highly placed
on second tier search engines. Of course, the first tier
search engines get about 70% of the market. But that means
that the other search engines get 30% of the traffic (about
a billion searches per month). Most small businesses don’t
know about or think about this rich resource for
inexpensive advertising.

Here is a list of search engines that require a deposit of
$25.00 or less and have low (as little as $0.00) per click
rates: (I have included the Alexa Ranking (a low number of
1 is wonderful – a high number of 5 million is not good.)

7Search Alexa Rank 4,332

7Search licenses its technology to other search engines.
Your site will appear in hundreds of other search engines
increasing your reach dramatically.

Brainfox Alexa Rank 4,911

The minimum bids and entry fee are low. It opens up the
pay per click to companies on a very limited budget.

Findology Alexa Rank 11,634

Findology has a minimum bid of $.03. It provides for fixed
or recurring payment methods, traffic reporting, keyword
statistics, and has auto or fixed bidding capabilities.

Pageseeker Alexa Rank 100,068

Pageseeker provides extensive information about your
keywords, clickthroughs, and your current funds. You can
choose to be notified if your keywords are outbid and when
your funds reach a certain level.

Search123 Alexa Rank 20,194

Search123 lets you set limits on the amount of money you
want to spend in your account by the hour, day, week or by
the month.

Search123 also has a proxy-bidding tool that guarantees
you will never be knocked out of the top spot.

Searchgalore Alexa Rank 334,003

SearchGalore has an account management area that is easy
to navigate and easy to add, remove and edit keywords and
URLs. It’s reporting feature shows all of the your keywords
and categories as well as the costs of your keyword bids.

Win4Win Alexa Rank 337,255

Advertisers set the price for keyword searches and can set
a total limit on the amount spent for searches.

Once you have started to make money using the second tier
PPC search engines, part of the profits could be leveraged
to invest in the first tier search engines to increase your
traffic and profits even further.

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