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So You Want To Start An Internet Home Business?

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Everyone these days has the notion to run a home based internet business? Do you have what it takes? This is the most important question to ask yourself before venturing forth. Why? Because not everyone is suited to start a successful home business.

As strange as it sounds, many prefer to answer to a boss who dictates eight to twelve hours of their day. After all, if you do exactly as he says and your life is still miserable, who is to blame? Yourself? Of course not. You blame the boss. But if you have your own business, there is nobody to blame for your misfortunes but yourself. This is a self-inflicted burden the faint of heart will not take on.

Others are intimidated by time and monetary risks. They wonder if they have the time and finances to support a thriving home business. This fear of stepping into the deep end of the pool keeps many chained to the 9-5 existence.

If these fears sound familiar to you, you are not alone. Many look for the easy way out. Take a trip to Vegas and see the thousands daily who are hoping for the lucky roll of the dice or the turn of a friendly card. How much do these same people spend on lottery tickets?

As a teenager, I spent endless hours combing the Oregon coast chasing rumors of lost treasure. My chances of finding these secret treasure chests were slightly worse than those hoping to get rich from the lottery or those hoping to hit the big Vegas jackpot.

Eventually, I gave up the dream of striking it rich through buried treasure. Unfortunately, many haven’t learned their lesson and continue to wait for Ed McMahon to show up at their door or for a rich relative to croak, hoping to cash in on the inheritance. If you’re waiting for a divinely inspired stroke of luck, you may wait your entire lifetime.

So you want to start an internet business? With a little grit and determination it is well within reach. It basically comes down to three main points:

1. Finding or creating a product to sell.

2. Creating a website to promote your product.

3. Driving traffic to your website.

Sure, each of these points involves some time and investment. But everything rewarding only comes after time and effort. After all, a diamond or pearl is not made overnight, is it? Neither is a successful home business. However, it defitely can be done. Don’t be one of the timid who is content to live out a menial 9-5 existence. Put on a brave face and discover the rewards that come from running a home based internet business.

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