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Suggestions on Website Usability

If you’re after a usable website then there are a few strict guidelines you should try and follow.

Website Usability is more than just placing a navigation bar in the
right spot and allowing users to search the site. It is an intricate
art that not everybody can easily implement. This tip aims to identify
some of the key factors that come into play when designing a usable and
functional website.Firstly,
the site must contain a clear, concise yet simple navigation system.
According to web usability expert, Jakob Nielson, a good site
navigation system should answer three questions:

  1. Where am I?
  2. Where have I been?
  3. Where can I go?

site’s navigation system should answer these three questions quite
adequately providing you include these basic elements in your design.

you must ensure that you keep the content clear and simple. Keeping
your content clear and simple allows users to easily scan the text and
find what they’re after. You should also keep all important content at
the top of the page. Never leave the important text for last as people
usually never read this far down the page. Some other important things
to take into account are:

you must support your brand. Ensure that you keep colours and typefaces
consist, that your page layout is consistent and that you generate a
custom error page designed to match your site and branding. Custom
error pages will assist users in finding their way back to your site
rather than leaving them in the dark. You should also include your
positioning statement and other marketing tools on each and every page
of your site to enforce the brand you’ve worked hard to create.Some other important usability tips have been outlined below also.

Web usability is all about
designing a website for your visitors instead of for yourself or your
client. A site that conforms to user expectations makes visitors more
comfortable and more apt to visit again and recommend the site to their
friends. If you are having a site developed or are developing such a
siteComputer Technology Articles, remember to check off each of the tips outlined in this article.
They may well determine whether your site will be a success or a

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Jon Bergan is the owner of Bergan Blue, an Australian based creative design studio focused on bridging the gap between the online world of the Internet with the offline world of Marketing. Please visit for more information.

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