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Ten reasons why you MUST Advertise.

In today’s world of high competition, advertising and publicity are one of the most important tools designed to give customers an incentive to buy products or services within a specific period of time.
The average American is now exposed to over 3000 advertising messages a day. Add it all up and you have nearly 50 trillion doses of advertising released into the environment each year.
And where is your business in this crowded picture? With this special report we will show you how you can overcome the two biggest obstacles in your business – getting noticed and producing profits – without paying for it! You will increase public awareness for your products or services, attract attention of potential investors and stand out from the crowd getting the competitive edge you need.


Lets face it – you have to advertise! Your business cannot grow and flourish unless you advertise. Advertising and publicity is the lifeblood of any profitable business. Regardless of what kind of business you are operatingComputer Technology Articles, you should want and strive for them as much as possible.

There are 10 reasons why you have to advertise:
1.To increase sales
2.To introduce new products and services
3.To help you enter new markets
4.To reach “hard to see” prospect
5.To resell lost customers
6.To build awareness and prestige for your company
7.To keep your name in front of the customers between sales calls
8.To define your unique position in the market
9.To discourage competitors
10. To provide support for your salespeople

Zoran Karapancev is considered an expert in the field of advertising. He is also the author of “How To Get Free Advertising” at which is an eBook on this subject.

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