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Test Viral Embed Video Code

This is a test to see if we can use the Longtail FLV Video code to embed a video with the viral embed code option. Used the Longtail Video website wizard to create the embed code. From what I can see so far, it has worked.

Have not tried to embed the video with text running down the side of the video… that will be the next test.

Placed the video that is below this text using the embed code from the movie displayed above…

As you can see the viral code works, however it does not repeat the viral code option in the new video so the viral effect is not carried forward. I would have prefirred that the video generated with the viral code option also had the viral code button so that the video could become fully viral.

Regardless of that small setback, I will still be using the Longtail FLV Video system to embed FLV video into my blogs from now on. They look good, load fast, play smoothly, are semi viral and the code is easily generated using the Wizard.

Also like the idea of being able to control the appearance of the video player using Flashvars. Once I got the hang of how it all works, everything was a lot easier. And the results speak for themselves.

One problem I have encountered using the viral version as opposed to the non-viral version is that the code tends to break and cause embed errors when trying to place text down the side of the video using the “float” method. I’m sure that I will be able to sort it out eventually.

Also have decided not to worry about using WMV video in my Blogs… FLV is much easier to get a good result. Also have problems with the html code breaking and causing errors when using WMV video and the LongTail wizard.

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