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The 7 Secret To ImproveYour Link Popularity

There are many aspects to search engine optimization that are not immediately visible. Among these factors are inbound links to your website. The number of inbound links, or links displayed in other websites that point to our homepage, is called link popularity. The more links that point to your pages, the higher your website’s link popularity is. The higher your website’s link popularity, the better it would place in search engine results.

It is important to note before we proceed however, that only incoming links should be considered. Reciprocal linking would be heavily penalized by the search engines. You’ll just end up with a lower page rank. Additionally, link farms should be avoided. Link farms are websites that solely exist to display the links of other sites.

There are many ways available that would allow you to acquire incoming links. Let us take a look at seven of them.

1. Manual submission. This is both the easiest and the hardest way of gaining those inbound links. Easiest because all you have to do is to submit your website to web pages that allow the same. Hardest because you have to look for these pages first. But here’s some good news. You could use the free tool at to help you find those websites that would allow you to add your links. This would save you countless hours!

2. Article marketing. You could write an article related to the subject of your website. For each article you finish, include a resource box where you could briefly introduce yourself. In this resource box, include a link to your website. Now submit the said article to the hundreds of article directories in the World Wide Web. The result? Hundreds of incoming links from each of the articles directories you have chosen.

3. Forum marketing. You could also become a member in online communities, forums or newsgroups devoted to the subject that your website is catering to. You shall be allotted a signature box where you could put a link to your website. For every post you make, your signature box would appear. If you make a thousand posts on different threads, you’ll have a thousand incoming links for your website.

4. Create blogs. Blogs are very easy to set up, and publishing your entries would be a breeze. Blogs are also free. Simply include a link to your website in your entries. This would give your link popularity an instant boost.

5. Provide testimonials for other people. Online businessmen are always in search of positive testimonials for their products. You could give them some glowing reviews, and as a matter of courtesy, they would allow you to include a link to your website below your recommendation.

6. Build relationships with other webmasters. By befriending other website owners, you would be able to score some spots on their pages where your links could be displayed. This would be easy, and it would be free.

7. Provide good, quality, original content. People would flock to your website because of the information you would share. If you have premium information presented in an interesting manner, some of your visitors would naturally link to your website to inform their own visitors about the gems that can be found in your pages. It is important, therefore, that you should invest on really good content.

Many people say that in this day and age, incoming links are almost impossible to garner. Well, with these seven super strategies, you would be able to get the inbound links that your website would need. It goes to show that nothing is impossible as long as we work hard for the attainment of our goals.

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