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The Power of Article Submission

If you’re a webmaster, one of the best and most cost effective ways to generate traffic to your website is through article submission. Sometimes one well written article is all that it takes to propel your website to new heights, as is the case with one article I wrote called “Achieving Optimum Health”.

After almost five years of webmastering a website for self improvement and doing all kinds of things to get my site noticed, this article literally transformed my online life from one on life support to a progressively profitable online business.

I wrote this article sometime back and submitted it first to and a few other sites. From there, the article was picked up by other webmasters who posted it on their websites. From these new websites, the same process repeated itself… other webmasters picked it up, posted it on their sites and more webmasters picked it up and it goes on and on. It has a viral effect.

How does that benefit me or my website?

For a start, since every webmaster who posted my article on his or her site is required to retain my website link on the resource box, it increases my in-coming links. As you know, more in-coming links to my website means better ranking with Google since it is an indicator of my site popularity and relevancy.

In addition, all these in-coming links increase my website visitors and traffic, and therefore increases my ranking with Alexa.

The best part is that all these increased traffics increase my Google Adsense earnings as well as my affiliate earnings. In addition, all these exposure also increase my visibility on the Internet and raised my profile as well as my authority in the area I wrote about. Also, my newsletter subscriber base expanded.

To actually see how powerful all these are, do these 3 simple steps:

1. Go to Google Search at

2. Cut and Paste these search terms into the search box (including the ” at the beginning and the end).

“Achieving Optimum Health”+”Tim Ong”

3. Click on the search button.

The results generated will show you that this article – Achieving Optimum Health – of mine is presently being published in more than a hundred websites and directories all over the Net.

Can you imagine what that kind of exposure can do for your online business?

Source: High Quality Article Database –

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