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This blog now has defined niche specific content

After reading a post submitted to my blog… here by Greg Hall, I decided to take his advice and change the focus of my Pro Blog Tips website to blogs and blogging. Have removed over 300 articles that related to other subjects that were not really blog related.

Must admit that taking the plung and removing so many posts was a bit scary as I’m sure that for at least the next few months traffic to Pro Blog Tips will be effected.

Not long ago I took the same steps with a number of dating blogs. Found that
traffic dropped for about 2 months, then everything started to pick-up again. Only this time the traffic was more interested in the content of the dating blogs. Say this because after the 2 months of stressful waiting for things to pick up, I saw an increase in visits, page views and SALES!!!.

Chose the end of the month to make the change because in another few days Google usually index’s Pro Blog Tips and all the pages I deleted might be dropped from the index… that will keep the 404′s to a minimum. At least that’s the idea anyway.

From now on all posts will be totally related to blogs and blogging only. No more posts about other internet related topics, even though they may still interest me. Maybe they can be the topics of my next blog.

Have also been toying with the idea of using screen capture software to do a few demo video’s to help with affiliate sales on other websites. From reading articles on other blogs it would appear that audio podcasts and video podcasts are the way of the future when it comes to selling products off a website.

After looking around for a reasonable quality screen capture to use, I finally settled on Camtasia Studio 4.

Cheers Jaron :)

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