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Thumbshots Paint A Thousand Words

Imagine if you could instantly transform your website into being one that suddenly has broader appeal, added value, a higher click through rate and increased site stickiness.

With the introduction of Thumbnails by a web directory, for example, can now be instantly transformed by having a screenshot or thumbnail of the actual web page next to each text link, thus providing users with a preview of the sites before they click on any of them.  This makes the web site appeal to far more viewers, especially the visual people who relate so well to images.  Previously visual people would have stayed on the site out of the need to find what they were looking for, whereas now they will be highly attracted by the thumbnails of the various web sites.

A good example of a site that could be transformed instantly with would be a Web Directory.  Up until recently a web directory was really just pages of web site links with a bold text heading, description of the site and the url, but with Thumbshots added the site would be transformed and the text links greatly enhanced.  For the purpose of this article I will use a web directory as an example.

Thumbshots add colour, variety and interest to the site and it has been proven that since the introduction of the thumbnails the sites have experienced a higher click through rate.

From the viewers’ point of view, their experience of visiting the web directory with Thumbshots will be greatly enhanced as they feel they have “something to look at” and will be able to view the thumbnails and make a decision whether to click the link and visit the site or move on, as they will know if they have visited the site before somewhere else on the internet.  Thumbshots therefore takes away the guessing and unwanted surprises that one sometimes experiences from surfing the Internet and enables the viewer to find relevant information much faster and easier.

There are also incredible advantages for the viewer when Thumbshots are displayed.  Search accuracy is improved as every site has its own look making searching much easier.  The viewer can also easily recognize duplicate sites as well as easily remember previously visited sites just by glancing at the thumbnails.  As the thumbnails expose the real content of the site, the viewer can preview any suspicious sites before visiting, adult sites for example are easily recognized by their explicit images.  Thumbshots remove the uncertainty from visiting unknown sites and increases user confidence. has also provided a great opportunity for webmasters to enhance and improve their websites, knowing that their web page will now be visibly displayed next to their text listing.

From the webmaster’s point of view, Thumbshots are easy to install and no hardware or software is required.  Thumbshots increase the productivity and improve viewer satisfaction because the viewer is able to find the results he is looking for far faster and more accurately.  Viewers can have a relaxed surfing experience because they know what to expect when clicking on a site as opposed to having no idea what site is going to open in their browser when they click on a text link.  Too often a text link title and description does not accurately portray what the site is about, leading to surfer frustration.  Viewers are more likely to bookmark and return to a web directory or search site using Thumbshots knowing they can find the information they are looking for easily and quickly.

This really is a win-win situation for all concerned.  The directory webmaster has now transformed his web site into a first class magnetic directory by installing the Thumbshots.  Other webmasters/site owners have a great opportunity to have screenshots of their sites displayed when listed in the directory and receive a higher click through rate and site visitors are provided with a great relaxed, visual surfing experience.

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