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Top 3 Secrets about marketing online

Everyone is looking to promote their site, but only a small group of people really succeed. If you want to be one of them just keep on reading and you’ll find out the best ways to promote yours site big time!

I have tried so many techniques and lost so much money and I can assure you the these want let you down! You have to remember one thing only: start today!

Lots of people keep reading and reading and not doing anything from what they have read, so my best advise is to start doing something. It doesn’t meter what and how, you’ll find the best way eventually; but you have to remember that your main goal after reading this article is to start at least one of those techniques TODAY. 

1) Are you ready for the first one, it’s so simple and yet the most powerful:

Tell your friends, family co-workers and everyone you know about your site.

I know it sound silly but you’ll be amazed of how many people you know and even more amazed of how many people didn’t know about your site.

Don’t forget to add you address to your signature/business card/emails/icq etc.

I promise that you’ll get a lot of free traffic. 

2) This one requires some money investment but I’m sure you can spend a few bucks to get lots and lots and lots of traffic: publish on ebay.

You heard me right – on ebay. I know what you are thinking “I can sell on ebay but I can’t publish, what is he kind of a nut?!”. What you need to do is offer one of your products on ebay and link it to your site. The best way is to start with a really law price and set a high reserve price. That way you’ll also receive lots of email address from all the bidders and you can offer them the product they wanted. If you don’t have any product to offer just write a report on a related topic to your site and sell it as ebook. People are seeking for information and they’ll instantly get in your site to see what else you offer. If you don’t know how to write a report just hire someone to do it for your; you can find great writes that will write you a great ebook with your name and copyrights for a very small fee. Try it today! It’s so cheap and effective. 

3) Add newsletter to your site. It’s the best way to get free email address. I highly recommend adding some freebies to your newsletter- something like an e-course or a new report you have written to encourage your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. After you have established your address list you can use it to promote your site and products. You can send emails to your members informing them of a new report you have just posted or a new product. One small warning about this technique: don’t send too many email, no one likes spam! 

Article by Don Krnel. Find about more tips and secrets to success on the internet at:

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