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Tracking Clicks on Twitter: The Results

Last week I wrote a post titled What Is The Average CTR on Twitter? Let’s Find Out. The goal was to try to understand better what kind of CTR Twitter accounts have. Many readers entered the discussion with their opinions, and here is what we got in the end.

First of all I agree with the people who said that talking about CTR on Twitter is not completely accurate. CTR measures the number of clicks that you get on a certain web page or email message, out of a total number of people who will be exposed to that page or message. On Twitter we don’t really know how many people will be exposed to the message, because not all followers are online when you send a tweet, and because some of your followers might also retweet your tweet, passing it along to people who were not following you in the first place.

Perhaps we need a new term. Something like CPF, or clicks per follower. Obviously the CPF will vary from case to case. Some factors that will affect it include:

Despite those factors, I think it is still possible to find an average range for the CPF on Twitter. Last week I had guessed that it would be between 0,5 and 2,5 (clicks per 100 followers), and after collecting the numbers submitted by our readers I believe that was a good guess. Here is a graph illustrating the CPF reported by each reader:


Some facts:

Obviously the sample size is too small for us to derive any definitive conclusions, but I find the numbers interesting anyway. For example, if you are currently getting fewer than 0.5 clicks for every 100 followers, there is something wrong there. You should try to increase the relevancy of your tweets and to build a better relationship with your followers.

Tracking Clicks on Twitter: The Results…

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