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Use Streaming Video To Rejuvenate Products : Video Tutorial

Using streaming video is one of the hottest trends in internet marketing today. If you are a forward thinking internet marketing strategist sooner or later you are going to run into the problem that many product creators face; that is what to do when your product either isn’t selling very well or needs to be updated. Usually only a couple of choices have been available. One, sell the product or the rights to it to someone else. Two, basically duplicate the entire product creation process by researching and updating your product. Three, reduce the price and practically give it away to squeeze another round of sales from it.

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Now we can add streaming audio and video broadcasting into the mix in order to interface with us human computer users in ways that we communicate naturally via the visual, audio and kinesthetic means. The use of streaming video meets these humans need and will communicate the benefits of your product and services to the end user customer.

Now, thanks to the popularity and user-friendliness of digital multimedia and of online video, you can rejuvenate your product offerings in several different ways by offering video on a webpage without having to either recreate it or give it away. Best of all, it’s much easier to use streaming video than you might think as now the price of technology has fallen to a level which enables most individuals to compete at a level which previously you would not have been able to.

One of the first things that you ought to consider whe thinking of your internet marketing; what does your product or service actually do or have to offer and how can you use streaming video to present that product or service to the world ? If it solves a problem or makes a task easier that’s common to your target market the streaming video can also help. Why not find a recognized expert and do an interview about a topic related to your product or service? Include this with your product using streaming audio and video broadcasting and breath new life into your sales.

Using streaming video along with the use of podcasts are probably the hottest thing going in communication since the introduction of email and computer technolgies. Create online video and a podcast highlighting specific features of your product or service. You can offer the streaming video as a bonus item available only to a specific number of people who purchase your product.

Another great idea may be described as “falling off a log.” Do you really want to put new life into your product or service using some of the latest internet marketing techniques? Then one thing to do is to create a step-by-step audio and video on a webpage tutorial for it. You can also use streaming video when you set up a membership site and upload the tutorial to the site for members to access after signing up. You can offer the streaming video tutorial and membership site as part of the gold or premium versions of your product or service.

If you’ve created a book or course you certainly can use streaming video and you may well like the next idea. One thing to do is to create an overview streaming audio and video broadcasting video presentation that highlights each chapter or section of your product. Include the streaming video as a free gift for those who would like more information about your product or service.

And finally, here is an idea that not many people are using. You will have customers who are your ideal customers and love your products and services and you can certainly use streaming video to help promote them. Why don’t you consider as part of your internet marketing strategy; create an streaming video presentations featuring testimonials from your best customers? This type of strategy is fresh, original and could really take your sales and revenues to the next level all due to using online video and setting yourself aside from the competition.

In closing, another thing you could also do is to use streaming video and produce case studies featuring one of your best customers using video on a webpage. If you incorporate this into your internet marketing efforts then you should see your business explode. Remember streaming video is here to stay.

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Stephen C Campbell (MBA, MSc, MCIM) is a business consultant who has conducted business throughout Europe, Far East & U.S. He specialises in helping businesses use the new technologies as a part of their business strategies. from

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