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Video Marketing – How to Create and Upload Videos to Increase Backlinks, Rankings and Web Traffic

Looking for a highly effective way to attract more visitors to your web site?

Online videos are common place now and many marketers are using them to boost their web traffic.  Let’s discuss how to create, edit, upload and distribute your videos.

1. Create your video

Use a video camera (or digital camera if you don’t have one) to record your movie. Make sure your camera is steady so you won’t get jerky motions. Have plenty of light (natural is better) in the background so your subjects are well illuminated.

If you’re creating a slide show using Windows Movie Maker then you don’t even need a camera. Alternatively create your slides in Power point or Open Office Impress then capture screen shots with Camtasia.

2. Editing your video

Before uploading your video for public consumption, check for any errors then edit them or redo the movie until you’re satisfied with it. If using windows movie maker you can edit the movie within it. Save the file in MOV or AVI format

3. Upload your video

Create an account on You Tube or other video sharing sites then upload your video. It will take a few minutes to upload. Be sure to write a descriptive paragraph that will attracts viewers. Include a link back to your web site. This will help boost your backlinks.

4. Distribute to multiple sites

Not all people just visit You Tube to watch videos. There are many others that are visited also. Here is a list of top 10 video sharing web sites:




Google Video


Yahoo! Video






Like article submission the key to attracting lots of traffic with videos is to do it consistently. Make a schedule to create and distribute a video once a week to begin with. Once you get faster and more comfortable with it increase your volume. You’ll see a nice boost in backlinks, rankings and web traffic.

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