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Video Marketing: Where And Why To Host Your Business Videos For Free

Video marketing is perhaps the greatest opportunity that the web offers the average small business website. By producing short promotional videos and commercials and distributing them throughout the web, you can get quality links to your site from powerful websites. There are several free video hosting sites you can take advantage of right not if you don’t want to host your own.

If you are still just considering video marketing, keep this in mind. First of all, it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to make a video and it is a proven form of presenting yourself, your services and products to make you stick out above the competition.

There are also emerging video hosting sites for small business that are free. Of course, Youtube may still be the 800-pound gorilla of video sharing sites, but there an impressive number of rivals that are offering unique twists. So you don’t want to leave YouTube out when uploading video. But don’t miss an opportunity to expose your videos to the non-YouTube crowd. In fact, your videos can gain higher visibility on smaller video sharing sites because the overall content is less and videos with the right descriptions and tags have a better chance of getting listed in the top search results.

For some small businesses, video marketing can even be the main form of marketing. When you create a video, add it to your website using text and titles that your keyword research has shown people are searching for. Then submit your videos to video hosting sites. Finally, consider taking the audio out of the recordings and submitting that to Podcast hosting sites. Now where do you post the videos? We’ve talked about YouTube. You can try MySpaceTV and Google Video.

There are other strong business directories that host video for free such as Adwido. This company hosts a database of commercial videos and infomercials to be used by the business, consumer and advertiser. If you are a small business, I hope you will take action. Video marketing can give you great results for small budgets. It can successfully bring in new in-bound links to your site and hundreds of potential new customers who have seen your video and plan to go to your site to learn more.

Kelly Singleton is Director of Strategic Internet Marketing for, a commercial internet and video marketing company dedicated to small-and medium-sized businesses. If you would like to learn more, go to to learn more about how you can unleash the power of video marketing on the internet.

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