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Web Audio, The Top Of The Wave.

You can now put audio anywhere that you can put html code or even just a link to your .mp3 file will work.

So many uses, so many options. You have to admit, it’s really starting to show up everywhere. Don’t be left behind. The internet is changing so rapidly that, you’re either on top of the wave or you’re just floating around aimlessly.

Here is just some of the things you can do with audio…

Audio Ads/Audio Website: If you have a website selling anything, you can add audio, with or without audio buttons showing, right in your sales letter. You’ve probably heard that people remember a whole lot more of what they hear on the internet opposed to what they read and that it even increases your credibility when people can put a voice to the person trying to sell them something.

Audio Testimonials: Now you can add a whole lot more credibility to your website by getting some of your satisfied customers to give you an audio testimonial and put them right on your sales page so everyone who visits your site can hear how great your product works for others.

Audio Email/Postcards: It’s not so uncommon anymore to receive audio Email/Postcards. Earlier this month I even sent one to my sister with myself and my wife singing Happy Birthday. I even thought about spending more time on this singing/recording thing, but my sister suggested that I steer away from that idea and keep doing what I’m doing now. Not sure why she said that, but I guess I should take her advise, she has a pretty good head on her shoulders.

Audio Newsletters: You can send your newsletters with audio or send an email with a link to your audio newsletter on your website. It’s just so much more convenient for your readers to listen more and read less. The more convenient it is for them, the better it is for you.

Audio Auctions: Audio is showing up on auctions now. I must admit, when I click on an auction and someone starts talking to me, it does get my attention.

Audio Ebooks: Looking for a niche to get into? Audio ebooks are a natural. I’m not suggesting that you replace a childs mother with a computer, but imagine settling your child down for a nap and hitting the start button on your computer so your child could hear an audio ebook of some classic fairy tales. And that’s just one example. So many topics, so many categories, so many ways to go.

Audio Courses: Produce professional audio courses on any topic. Make a series of them, step1, step2, step3, etc. Put it on your website and include graphics and screen shots. Again, so many topics, so many catagories, so many ways to go.

You can also put your sermon, song, speech, or stories on your website, message boards, blogs or anywhere else that you can put a few lines of html code or even just a link to an .mp3 file.

Remember, It’s Fast, It’s Easy and It’s Fun.

Again, don’t be left behind. The internet is changing so rapidly that, you’re either on top of the wave or your just floating around aimlessly.

One last thing, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but most all the big name internet marketers are using audio in one form or another. That tells me that it’s working.

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