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Web-Based Applications – Pathway to the Future

Web-based applications are indeed a pathway to the future. Find out why.

Web-based applications are quickly paving their way as the preferred
platform for business information systems and critical applications.
Combine the communication capabilities of the Internet with the
exceptional development platforms available on the World Wide Web and
you have a cost effective yet highly functional and secure application
platform that far exceeds any standard Windows or Mac program.
To put it simply for those of us who are new to the web, a
web-based application is a program that resides entirely on the
Internet. It is a multi-user cross-platform application that allows
many users to work from it at any one moment in time. An example of a
well known web-based application is Google’s search engine or
Facebook’s user community yet these programs do not even scratch the
surface of what is possible online.
The fact of the matter is that we have finally reached a point in time
where the technology is available for us to develop applications that
reside entirely online and are one hundred percent secure. The business
advantages that arise with these capabilities are definitely worth
taking notice of. Some of these have been outlined below.
- The most noticeable advantage is the remote access
capabilities web-based applications can offer. As they are based on the
Internet, users anywhere in the world can access them. An example could
be a project management system where users in the head office could
upload critical files that relate to the project and employee’s onsite
at a client’s premises can access these details via the web.
- User friendly interfaces provide the user with an easy to
use graphical user interface that is easily recognisable by anybody who
is familiar with the web.
- Most web-based applications are developed on “Open Source”
platforms. Open Source development frameworks are free pieces of
software that are maintained and supported by online communities. The
benefit of this at a business level is the cost effective solutions
such platforms can provide. No longer do you have to pay for software
licenses and support contracts – everything is free except for the
development of the application itself.
- Every web-based application is cross platform compatible.
This means that they will run on any type of computer with any type of
operating system providing the workstation has a compatible web browser
installed. From a business point of view, you no longer have to worry
about whether your Mac users can access your Windows applications or
- With the introduction of SSL Certificates some time ago, web-based
applications are now considered to be 100% secure. You do not have to
worry about your company data getting into the wrong hands. Use of SSL
Certificates will ensure that every piece of data sent via the Internet
is encrypted from point to point.
As you can see, web-based applications definitely serve a good
purpose in the business world. They are a cross-platform compatible
cost-effective solution that every business can make use of. Whether
you’re looking at starting a unique online store or contemplating
managing your projects online, you should definitely consider looking
at applications that are based online. The Internet should no longer be
considered an enemy. It’s time to embrace this technology and unlock
the true potential of your business. After allComputer Technology Articles, none of us want to be
left in the Stone Age.

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Jon Bergan is the owner of Bergan Blue, an Australian based creative design studio focused on bridging the gap between the online world of the Internet with the offline world of Marketing. Please visit for more information.

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