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Web Site Strategies that Work!!

Maximize the value of your website with this web strategy questionnaire by Philippa Gamse.

1. Review your goals and markets for your site:

a) Are there clear business goals and desired outcomes behind your Web site, and for each major page or section?  How will you evaluate your success?

b) Have you defined all the target audiences for the site, and the “languages” they speak?  Do you have compelling benefit statements, testimonials, case studies?

c) Does your home page appeal to each of your target markets and audiences?  Does it effectively direct them to appropriate areas of your site? 

d) How compelling are the “calls to action” on each page?

2.   How can you take your online business to the next level? 

a) Is your site making the best use of available technologies? How will you stay on top of online developments in your field? Are all appropriate staff involved?

b) Does your content effectively position the expertise of your business?  Are there media or public relations outlets that you could tap for wider promotion?

c) Are you taking full advantage of “real-world” opportunities to promote your site?

d) Does your business offer other services or customer support functions that you could provide online?  Are there further efficiencies that you could achieve?

e) Review your contact databases and your use of e-mail to support your marketing.  Do you have clear opt-in and privacy policies? 

3.   Review your Web traffic reports:

a) Are there any obvious patterns in your traffic, or the paths your visitors follow that you could capitalize onFeature Articles, or need to change?

b) What are the top exit points from your site?  Where are you losing conversions?

c) Which external sites link to you?  Are these appropriate? Are you generating sufficient return on investment for paid online advertising?

d) Do the search phrases for your site suggest ideas for new areas of business development?

(c) 2005.  Philippa Gamse.

Philippa Gamse, CyberSpeaker, is a Web strategy consultant and professional speaker. To shed more light on your own web traffic contact Philippa at (831) 465-0317 or at and visit her Web site at for more articles and resources.

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