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Website Ranking Key Words Things to Think About Before You Start Designing

I designed a website once for streaming audio, this was the key word I was to use streaming website audio, this sounds like a good key word phrase!

When it got onto Google it made number one, wow I thought I should get lots of hits with this? I got a grand total of 0 hits, why do you think that was?

It’s all to do with supply and demand only around 135 people typed these key words in and the demand is around 620000 websites doing the same thing.

When you pick your key words there needs to be a good demand for those key words.
You can get lots of software that will look this up for you.

Spend time looking up key words that work else like me you can have a very good website all keyed for these words and get 0 hits.

I started to think it was the design of the site, words like “FREE page ranking” would seem to be a good key phrase but the demand is 0 for this, humm this sounds a good phrase and so did 1650000 other website designers, so because I have looked up the phrase I now no not to spend hours designing a web page for this phrase.

Your website needs to be relevant to the phrase your using, If I type into Google “Website promotion” I expect to get sites for website Promotion, not a cook book!

This is why Google do what they do, they spider your web pages and the key words are taken these are from bits like the page title tags links hyper links, even the text that comes up when you hover over a picture.

Google also look to see the number of good links that point to your website, think about putting your url in your signature in any forum you have joined.

Key words need to be common and there needs to be a demand get Nichefinder or some other software to look up this information, it will save you months of time and work.

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