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What is Blog and Ping for SEO?

What is Blog and Ping?

Using Blog and Ping is still the way to go but why blog in the first place?

I do not know about you but I struggle with all the technical terms spouted out when people talk about SEO. One I have heard for a while is Blog & Ping. I will be honest. I have yet to blog anything. I have hundreds of websites but not one is a blog. Why? Good question.

Ok Blog & Ping. This is not a perfect definition since I could not get someone to explain it so I could understand it. The funny thing is when I read all these forums, emails and sales letters from these marketing guru’s who are all making a gazillion dollars every day, I feel like I don’t even know how to work a computer. I do web design and network maintenance for a living but they make me feel like I don’t even know where the power switch is. Sound familiar? Well this EZine is going to stop that. No hype. No wording to make you feel left out. I just feel many people leave out the basics on how to do things which I will try to explain.

The setup of a blog program like wordpress is not hard but I seem to have this weird aversion to blogs. I will do so many other SEO type things like look for link exchanges, low cost ppc words, site keyword tweaking but I won’t find the time to blog! Maybe it is the constant updating I am afraid of? But I think I better get on board with this now. And you should too.

Blog & Ping is a process where you have a blog setup, you make a post and it communicates with these authority type sites to let them know you have updated your blog. What happens then is these sites are looked at by google and other search engines for fresh content. These search engines are like a dog with rabies looking for the next victim. They are in search of new content…fresh content. The search engine users want new content. What better way to give this to them by using newly created blog material.

So what does this mean for you? Get a blog setup today and start writing. Anything you write yourself qualifies as fresh content and the search engines will love it. Talk about your site’s subject and anything related to it. I know it is not easy to sit and think of something to write but in reality you can get a few paragraphs out in 15 minutes. If you really hate to write, hire someone through a service such as or to update your blog. You would be very surprised how cheap this is. You must have unique fresh content to survive today. I hate to write. But I am doing it. I am just trying to simplify this crazy SEO world and break down things to do. Most things I suggest are things I am doing myself or trying.

If you are very busy … try using a auto blog tool. I bought one called AutoBlogBuilder. I have tested it and the features seem perfect for me as I cannot seem to keep things updated on a schedule. It has many controls such as how often to update the blog, where the content comes from and more. The best thing is to be able to use these blogs which are updated several times a day and put adsense ads on them! I would suggest you take a look at this automated tool (which is very easy to setup click this, click that). The developer even offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This is rare as you know no off the shelf software gives you this type of offer.

I will have more articles on blogging and SEO in the future…

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