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Who Needs a Domain Name

It’s a good idea, if you have a website to consider
registering your own domain. A domain name would look like
this: Anyone can register his or her own
domain name, whether you are an individual or a business.
Here’s why having a website domain is important:

· Your domain name is yours forever. If you decide to
switch web-hosting services, you can still keep your domain
name. This means that regular visitors to your website
wouldn’t be affected, if you changed hosts. They would
simply type and get to your new site.

· Having your own domain gives a business a professional,
polished look. Let’s say your business was in a shopping
mall. You don’t have a marquee for your business, so you
just go in someone else’s store and make a cardboard sign
pointing at some of your products. That is sort of what
having a website under one of the free website hosts is

· A catchy domain name can attract repeat customers.

· Once your domain name is registered you won’t have to
worry about anybody using the same name.

How do I get a Domain Name?

To get a domain name you have to go through InterNIC.

Through the domain registrar you pay a fee and get your
domain name registered for one year.

After that, you’ll have to renew annually.

The cost for registration can vary from 15 dollars US to
35 dollars US. It’s usually the same rate to renew it the
following year.

Certain web hosting companies will register it for you and
pay for the domain name. Others will register the name,
but you have to forward them the fee. Just be sure to have
the domain name registered with your name as the owner as
well as under all the administrative contacts. Otherwise,
you may end up needing to wait for your current web host to
approve any transfer to a new service.

Here’s one final note on choosing a domain name. Take time
to think of more than one name that you like and that makes
sense for your business. Odds are that if you pick just one
name, it may already be taken and you’ll be back to the
drawing board.

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