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Why links count – The power of links

When we first design a website we tend to think about the obvious, you know the index page, the contact us page, or even the pricing page.

Some designers will have a very long page of text, so is this a good thing? Well according to some experts this is a bad thing!

A page with too much text is bad for the ranking of your website, I would of thought this would have been good for the search engine spider, this must be good spider food.

If you think about it more then you can see why this is bad, if you have one long page of text then will a visitor really read all that text.

So this brings me to why links count yes the power of links, search engines love them, the spider will look all over the page and then go to your links and do the same all over again.

This will also get more of your pages listed plus give you more points for your ranking. So if you have a page of text why can’t you break it down into pages, the art is how to guide your visitor through the site.

The other thing you want to remember is the link title and the page name it links too, this gives you a lot of brownie points but why? Well first the page it links too is relevant to the title and the page title is relevant to the page content, so this is good for the search engines plus its more spider food.

So to some up, Link name and page title must be relevant to each other and the page title must be relevant to the content.

More pages will get indexed by the search engines so search engine saturation is good. Your pages will be easier to read and follow.

Warning: You must not let your links lead to dead pages the 404 errors or thing like this, as this will have the opposite response.

If you are linking to other websites you will need to keep a close eye on them, use a program or a web service to monitor this for you.

I hope this is of help to you and wish you well.

Brian Hart
Brian Hart also known as Lazerbri has been working on the net for over 15 years,
he is a Programmer in HTML and PHP and also flash.

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