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Your article resource box can kill or lift your internet marketing sales

In my internet marketing articles I always spend the least time on the actual writing of the articles.

I will spend more time on the headline and the vast majority of the time I will usually spend on the resource box. I have tested a large amount of different resource boxes. At the end of this article I will show you my most effective resource box. The one that has been responsible for pulling in the highest amount of business for me.

The resource box is a key part of any internet marketing strategy that uses articles.

A brief word here on why headlines are so important, before we move on.

When you are surfing how do you make a decision on where to go next or on which article to click on? The headline of course. The simple truth is that even the best article in the world has a very slim chance of getting read if the headline is not attractive and enticing enough.

In internet marketing, after your reader has read the article, the most important thing is the resource box, because it suggests what he should do next. Many resource boxes ask people to visit web sites, but they do not give a reason why. Or a good enough reason. This is poor internet marketing.

Visit our web site for more information, is very weak.

Even the cocky attitude of simply writing the web site address and then hoping that your article was devastating enough to drive hoardes of traffic to your site, hardly works.

Visit our web site for free web site templates is better internet marketing and should be attractive to the target market such an article will be looking for.

The other thing your resource box should do is establish an image for your business. In internet marketing, you should know that people generally do not trust new businesses that they have just met online. So you need to say something in a few brief words that will instantly give you the right image in the eyes of your target market to give you a better chance of selling.

I started off my resource box writing that I had almost 20 years experience in marketing and creative writing. It was not effective internet marketing because I guessed that although the people reading my articles appreciated the tons of experience, they were more interested in how effective the whole thing was.

So when I changed the first line to read, “Christopher Kyalo has made money online by using articles as his only marketing weapon…” the response shot up almost instantly. I could almost read the minds of my readers saying to themselves, let’s see how he did it. The next part of this article gives you my most effective and successful resource box ever. To date I have continued to test several, but I am yet to find a more effective one. I am still trying, that’s how internet marketing is supposed to be practised.

Just to prove to you how important your resource box is in internet marketing, I will tell you a brief story of what happened to me.

After a while doing articles and posting them at various sites, I discovered a powerful internet marketing method of increasing the effectiveness of my articles. This is by setting up a blog and posting your articles there. Getting traffic going to a blog is relatively easy (read my internet marketing articles on this subject at my other blog; for tips on how to do this.

There was plenty of evidence to prove that the move had multiplied the number of people reading my articles many times over. Still the response rate reduced drastically until it reached a stage where I could go for several weeks without getting any business as a result of my internet marketing articles.

By this time I already had my regular handful of clients who were putting the bacon on the table for me. But still it was a cause for great concern for me because I had learned the lesson over the years that a business that is not growing, is shrinking.

I soon found the culprit. It was my resource box.

I will now show you my most successful internet marketing resource box to date, as I promised. Here it is.

Christopher Kyalo has made money online using free articles as his only marketing. email him now at strongwallafrica at for a free powerful article on your business, no obligations. Or write for his free email course on how to use articles to drive lots of business and traffic to your site.

100 per cent of my current regular clients came to me through this nugget of a resource box. I have tested dozens of other resource boxes, but to date non has come anywhere near this one in driving business my way.

Notice that the main aim is to get contact with the client. Some will write to get my web site or blog address because lots of folks are very hesitant to give out their email addresses these days. Still this gives me a chance to be in regular contact with the client without anybody ever accusing me of SPAMMING. A couple of people will write for the free service and I will have an excellent opportunity to prove myself.

Spend lots of time on your resource box, your internet marketing depends on it.

(You can read about how to use articles combined with your resource box to create very effective online marketing that will even help market any affiliate program without you having to spend any cash on ads. Find the article… here

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